Providing a Guestbook at Your Place

Guestbooks are physical books you keep in your place that allow guests to record their presence in your home and share any thoughts they had on the experience.

Whilst they are not a requirement of Airbnb, guestbooks serve the benefit of encouraging guests to document their favorite things that they enjoyed about staying at your place.

They will inspire guests to reflect on the positive elements of their trip, which will increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews when asked to review their trip 24-hours after checking out.

They also provide a great source of validation for incoming guests who have the opportunity to flick through a thorough record of other satisfied guests who have enjoyed staying at your place. When left out on display in a public space, they will prime new guests to expect the best and anticipate a positive travel experience of their own.

Guestbooks will also give you insights into the things that guests enjoyed most about staying at your place. You can then use these insights to continually improve your hosting standards and focus on providing more of the things you know guests love and appreciate.