Keys and Locks

How Many Sets of Keys?

If you’ve decided you are going to provide access to your home using traditional lock and keys, then you’ll need to provide your guests with a set of those keys.

A common question is how many sets of keys should be made up? The answer is no less than five...

  • 2 sets for your guests: Guests appreciate having more than just a single set of keys to share
  • 2 sets for yourself: Your principle set + a spare set you keep for guests in the event they lose one
  • 1 set for a neighbor or friend: They should live close by or be able to help in the event you're not available

Fully-Functional Locks

Ensure that your locks work without issue.

It is not uncommon for older homes to have locks that require some jiggling and fiddling, or require keys to be inserted in a particular way. These may just be little known quirks to you, but are overwhelmingly frustrating or challenging to guests.

It is a reasonable expectation that the keys and locks simply work without complication. Anything less may result in middle-of-the-night phone calls, call-outs to open up for locked-out guests, plus a likely negative review.